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 Chatting Online

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PostSubyek: Chatting Online   Tue 22 Oct 2013 - 9:12

“Hey. How are you? (sorry for my bad english. I’m spanish. Jajajaja)”

“I’m good. And you? (sorry for my bad english too. I’m indonesian)”

“I’m good. Hmm, so you are indonesian? Ehm, sorry, where is indonesia btw? Jajajaja.”

“It’s in south east asia. You know bali?”

“Ah, yeah, i know. So indonesia is in bali?”

“No. Bali is in indonesia.”

“Oh, right. Bali is in indonesia. Jajajaja, sorry. I’m not good in geography.”

“No problem. Hey, what is ‘jajajaja’?”

“It’s laughing. You know, laugh. Funny stuff, happiness, etc. Jajajaja.”

“Oohh. Hahaha. Now i remember. You spanish pronounce ‘j’ as ‘h’, right? Like ‘jose’ or ‘juan’. In indonesia, we will pronounce ‘jose’ as ‘hose’ and ‘juan’ as ‘huan’. Now i get it. Hahaha.”

“Now, what is ‘hahaha’?”

“Well, i’m laughing. Hahaha.”

“Oh, now i get it. Jajajaja.”

“Btw, what time is it in spain now?”

“9 PM. What time is it in indonesia?”

“Well, it’s 3 AM.”

“What? You’re not sleep?”

“Good question. You know thai ngoc? He is well known as a man who doesn’t sleep. He never sleep for about 30 years or something. And that’s what happen to me as well.”

“Wow. So you never sleep? For how long?”

“Since i was born.”

“Oh my god. Hey, you are not a ghost, right?”

“Excuse me?”

“People say, we die if we don’t sleep for days.”

“Hahaha. Well, don’t trust what people say. Trust what is real. You see, i’m still breathing till now. How can a ghost online anyway? Hahaha.”

“Well, who knows? Jajajaja.”

“Hey. Tell me, what is dream?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you know i never sleep. So, i never had a dream. People say it’s an ordinary thing. But when they talk about dream, i don’t think i can get it. They say, when you’re dreaming, you’ve got this illusion or something. You start to seeing things in your mind. It can be a funny thing, scary thing, great thing, even freak, nonsense, or unbelievable thing. They come from your own mind. And yet you don’t know how they appear. And you’re not even coscious. They say, you will never know what you will dreaming about. For me, that’s a hallucination. It’s like, you’re in drugs control. Well, i don’t know. I have absolutely no idea. What the hell is dream?”

“Jajajaja. That’s too much. It’s not a big thing. It’s just a dream.”

“Well, you tell me.”

“Well, i have this scary dream once.”

“What is it?”

“I was stuck in this unknown, mysterious place. It’s a high tower. It has some kind of fire thing on top of it. But it’s not a fire. It’s just an ornament. I was standing on the top of that building. I look around. And then i jumped off. I fall from that high tower, hit the ground, and then i wake up. Jajajaja.”

“Wow. That’s amazing.”

“Well, it’s just a dream.”

“Oh my god.”

“What is it?”

“Well, i’m in a news online right now. And i see a tragic news. A man just died yesterday. He fell from monas and dead instantly.”

“Oh. How tragic. Hey, what is monas?”

“Well, go search it for yourself.”


“Oh my god.”


“This monas, it is the tower i saw in my dream.”

“I knew it.”

“Oh my god. The man you see in the news died yesterday, right? Well, i dream about it so long ago. Did i just predict things?”

“Well, maybe you can be an oracle. Hahaha.”

“Don’t laugh. I’m scary here.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Oh, i’m sorry too. Well, don’t mind. I was just a little bit shock. Jajajaja.”

“Yeah. And let’s stop chatting about scary things. I’m alone here in my huge, creepy house. And, you know, it’s 3 AM here. So, hehehe, it’s a little bit scary.”

“What? You’re alone in a big house? You live alone?”

“No. I live with my parents. They went out for a couple of days. So now, i’m alone in my house.”

“Hmm. Well that’s scary. I will never be able to be in your position. You know, i am so afraid of ghost. Jajajaja.”

“Hey, didn’t i tell you not to talk about those kind of things. It really is scary here.”

“Jajajaja. Sorry.”

“Oh my god.”

“What is it?”

“Hold on.”


“Hey, what happen? You are still online, right?”

“Hey, sorry. I was look around my house.”

“What happen?”

“I heard something. It’s like a food step. And i heard some knocking as well. I was so worry.”

“Well, be careful. Maybe there’s a thief.”

“Well, if it’s a thief, then i won’t feel this creepy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, i was so scare that it was a ghost. Hahahaha.”


“Hey, what is it?”


“Hey, you’re still online, right?”


“Hey. Are you sleep? Please, i need someone to chat with me right now.”


“Hey. What’s with that ‘...’? Come on. You’re freaking me out. You’re still there, right?”

“... Hehehe. Menurutmu?”
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Chatting Online
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